The Vault of Doomnation

    (B-Movie, 1987)
™ and ©1986 the respective creators

Crime doesn’t pay. That’s the theme running throughout these tales, in which the likely outcome of murder generally involves the murder victims scratching their way up out of the grave to take bloody revenge on their killers. Whether it be to cover up a secret society, to speed along an inheritance, or just murder for sheer spite, you can be sure your victim’s rotting corpse will soon be back at your door to make you regret it. Certainly enough to give one pause before doing the vicious deed.

These tales by a variety of creators capture the spirit of old horror comics and gore movies—if lacking a bit in the way of actual horror. Published, appropriately, by B-Movie Comics. Many graves are unearthed but little new ground is broken in this nod to the past.

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B&WBrian Augustyn, Ken Holewczynski, Mark Paniccia, Scott BarkerKen Holewczynski, Mark Paniccia, Paul Fricke, Scott Barker