I Dream of Jeannie (Airwave)

 IDOA   (Airwave, 2001)

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Continuing the adventures from the hit television series, this comic follows the madcap antics of the beautiful genie named Jeannie, her astronaut “master” Tony, his scatterbrained best friend Roger, the suspicious Doctor Bellows, and, of course, Jeannie’s manipulative brunette twin sister.

In the first issue, Tony decides to take Jeannie along to an appearance at a big pop culture convention. But is that really Jeannie traveling with Tony, or perhaps could it be a mischievous twin sister in disguise? And what will happen when comic book characters come to life right on the convention floor?

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2 copies available from $17.00
B&WRich Maurizio, Franco AurelianiDan Decarlo, George Broderick Jr., Sid Paisny

Annual #1

2 copies available from $43.00
Trick or Treats Annual  

Special Edition #1

No copies available
ca. 2002Chris Yambar, Franco Aureliani, Rich MaurizioGeorge Broderick Jr., Sid Paisny, Art Baltazar, Dan DeCarlo