Parts Unknown (Afterburn)

    (Afterburn, 2015)
™ and © Afterburn Media

(from the publisher)

Scalons. Ruthless reptile-like beings that are well versed in the ways of rape, pillage and plunder. When the atmosphere of their home planet went bad and killed the females of their race they knew the males had to branch out and do so quickly before they too were claimed by the toxic air of the planet Scalon. Earth became their new home, one that needed to be furnished to satisfy their own twisted needs. That meant spreading their evil seed with Earth women to produce a new hybrid race so that they could officially claim Earth as their own. To do this it meant that Earth women would be captured and taken against their will. Anyone that got in their way would die. Two members of an elite Chicago crime unit are going to try and make sure this doesn’t happen!

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 Beau SmithBrad Gorby