Black Beauty

    (Puffin, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Byron Preiss Visual Publications

At its simplest, Black Beauty is a story about a horse of that name. But Anna Sewell’s original novel became a timeless classic for much more, including using a unique perspective (the horse’s) to highlight man’s mistreatment of animals; showing that horse’s courage in the face of adversity; and for its positive message about the importance of being good, and keeping one’s good name.

This is one of several Puffin Graphics adaptations of classic novels, using words and pictures to tell a familiar story—while also providing a new perspective. The book is adapted by June Brigman and Roy Richardson.

— Andy Richardson

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Graphic novel; B&W; ca. 2005June Brigman, Roy RichardsonJune Brigman, Roy Richardson