Sherlock Holmes: Steam Detective

 SHSV   (Antarctic, 2015)

™ and © 2015 Antarctic Press

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All about London and the surrounding lands, dastardly/desperate men misuse and abuse the 19th century’s steam-powered technology to deceive, defraud, or even dispatch their fellow Britons. The dashing detective of 221B Baker Street and his stalwart companion must fire up their gears, physical and mental, to outwit the villains and save the day!

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B&WRobby BevardDavid Hutchison

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Collecting Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective, SHSD: The Baskerville Boiler Beast, SHSD: Beauty and the Bohemian, and SHSD: The Five Napoleons; Circa 2015Robby BevardDavid Hutchison