Robotech II: Invid World, Assault on Optera

    (Academy, 1994)
™ and © 1985 Harmony Gold U.S.A. Inc./Tatsunoko Productions Co.

Many worlds within the Robotech universe have suffered the degradations of the alien Invid. The bear-like citizens of Karbarra have finally freed their homeworld from Invid occupation, and now have revenge on their minds. A small military assault force has been sent to Optera, the Invid homeworld, with orders to penetrate the Hive and kill the aliens’ co-leader, the regent. The simple plan relies on the theory that where a large army would face large resistance, a small group might slip through defenses unnoticed. With the main fleet providing distracting fire from space, the troop manages to gain access to the inner recesses of the Hive, to confront the regent in his own stronghold. The brave soldiers give their all to the mission, knowing all the while that even if they achieve their goal, escape from Optera will be impossible.

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