Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

    (DC, 2002)
™ and ©2002 DC Comics

The ancient Greek ritual of Hiketeai binds a lowly individual to the servitude of a great warrior in times of desperate need. This bond of service is given freely by the subservient and cannot be refused by the warrior, who must protect the other person no matter what until that person freely releases the warrior from his or her burden. Breaking the ritual of the Hiketeai brings on the vengeance of the ancient Greek Furies—and in Greg (Whiteout) Rucka’s hands these aren’t the high school textbook Furies you may have read about in Western Civ. When the Hiketeai is visited upon the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman, the outcome is a fascinating and revealing story about the depth of loyalty that lives within this classic character. The climatic confrontation with Batman is well worth the price of admission. And don’t forget the phenomenal art by J.G. Jones.

— Ryan H. Jackson

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Trade paperbackGreg RuckaJ.G. Jones

#1 (2nd printing)

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Trade paperback; ca. 2002Greg RuckaJ.G. Jones

#1 Hardcover

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HardcoverGreg RuckaJ.G. Jones