Jughead’s Baby Tales

 JUBT   (Archie, 1994)

™ and ©1994 Archie Publications

For over half a century, Archie Comics has published titles featuring iconic all-American characters whose adventures lured many into comics. This series offers new stories of the beloved dimwit Jughead and his sharp-as-a-tack baby sister, Jellybean.

Jughead’s battle with a zoo elephant gives a restless monkey the cover needed to make a break for it—which he does, right into Jellybean’s stroller. A “my baby is cuter than your baby” battle rages between two sets of parents; Archie passes himself off as Jellybean’s brother in order to attract babes; Jughead’s quest for Halloween candy results in an accidental child swap; and an amusement park visit takes Jellybean on a wild ride.

The stories are succinct and the classic Archie art is filled with crisp, primary colors. The creator roster includes Bill Golliher, Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent, and Henry Scarpelli.

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Spring 1994Dan ParentStan Goldberg


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Winter 1994; Continued from Baby Tales #1Bill Golliher, Dan ParentDan Parent, Stan Goldberg