Point Pleasant

    (Ape, 2004)
™ and © Ape Entertainment

Now this is how conspiracy comics should look: loads of shadows, grainy textures photo-statted into backgrounds. The entire comic has the feel of a paranoid theory given breath, with things half–glimpsed. Having four artists probably helps, in the form of Ryan Scott, Jason Moser, Michael Gray and Dan Barlow. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t keep pace. Wonderful concepts aren’t given the space they deserve, and though it’s always a virtue to keep the plot tight and not entirely resolved in a paranormal tale, the third story probably needs twice as much space to be effective. This is a shame, since it’s also responsible for tying the first two stories into an overlapping arc and needed to be the strongest piece. Writer Chad Lambert’s concept is something worth imagining, even if his execution cuts itself off at the knees in the final section.

— Brendan McGinley

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 Chad LambertRyan Scott, Jason Moser, Michael Gray, Dan Barlow