The Gods of Arr-Kelaan

    (Drunk Duck, 2004)
™ and © Drunk Duck

Ronson is a rumpled, beer–loving malingerer who is thought to be a deity by the rustic people of Arr-Kelaan. It is not a position he is comfortable with, but as deities go, being the God of Apathy is… undemanding. Ronson was a passenger on the maiden voyage of starship named The Traveler. The ship was attacked by another ship and both crashed on Arr–Kelaan. The survivors have gained mysterious omnipotent power that each uses in decidedly different ways. Some are power–hungry and despotic; others simply try to help the simple and trusting folk. But Ronson prefers to drink beer and be left alone, but, even that minimalist agenda garners worshippers. Aside from Ronson, there is Bikk the God of Trade, Claremont the God of Knowledge, Salsman, the God of Deceit and Beyurn, the Goddess of War.

Artist/writer Chuck Rowles initially created this pantheon of gods of the planet Arr–Kelaan for a role-playing game. He published early chapters on the Internet but collected several chapters and rearranged them for a more cohesive read in this trade paperback. His early art is a little primitive but he became more proficient. In his later works his characters resemble Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury.

— George Haberberger

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