The Southern Squadron (Aircel)

    (Aircel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 David de Vries

One of Australia’s most popular comic book series ever, The Southern Squadron stars a team of Australian super-heroes who are sponsored by that country’s government. They are trained for everything from terrorist strikes to nuclear emergencies. However, they don’t get much of either in the land down under, which causes the team to fall into situations that are not necessarily good for their image. The team is led by Lieutenant Smith, a femme fatale with a mind to match her body. Nightlifter, the Southern Cross, and the Dingo comprise the rest of the team.

This four-issue mini-series proved so popular that it wound up outselling both the X-Men and Batman in Australia. The series was written and created by David de Vries and illustrated by Gary Chaloner.

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4 copies available from $0.99
1st Appearance of Nightlifter; 1st appearance of Southern Squadron; 1st appearance of The DingoDave DeVriesGary Chaloner, Glenn Lumsden


2 copies available from $1.50
 Dave DeVriesGary Chaloner, Glenn Lumsden


1 copy available for $1.25
 Dave DeVriesDave DeVries, Paul Gulacy


3 copies available from $2.00
 Dave DeVriesGlenn Lumsden