Black Heart: Assassin

    (Iguana, 1993)
ô and ©1993 Iguana Comics

Black Heart: Assassin is the second title from independent publisher Iguana Comics (the first being Heretics). Its star is the greatest warrior of the Kuryu Clan that once held great power on Mars. The Kuryu Clan were loyal servants of their emperor and became renowned both as warriors and assassins. However, when the Emperor no longer needed them to fight his wars for him, he betrayed them, fearing their increasing power.

The Emperor ordered his armies to attack their ancestral home with a force of warriors and dragons. The Kuryu were overwhelmed, but in a final act of defiance, the head of the clan passed the planetís greatest weapon, the Soul Blade to Black Heart. Black Heart would wield that blade to gain revenge for his fallen comrades, but at the same time, others would try to use him in their own schemes for power.

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1st Appearance of Black HeartRobert ChongRosy Chun


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 Robert ChongRosy Chun