JLA: Superpower

 JLA0   (DC, 1999)

and 1999 DC Comics

A Prestige-formet one-shot, this is the story of Mark Antaeus, a metahuman who looks to Superman as his inspiration. When Mark is unable to do everything that the Man of Steel can, he has himself augmented to the point that he is more machine than man. His heroics gain him membership in the JLA (despite the misgivings of Green Lantern) where he lives his dream of working alongside the Last Son of Krypton.

But there is a dark side to super powers and Mark has to learn that just because you can do something, does not mean you should. The line between the desire to do good and the responsiblity to respect the law becomes blurred, even jagged as Mark questions the League's mission and methods.

This writing for this story by John Arcudi is flawless as he is able to make Mark into a likable and even sympathetic character. Scot Eaton's pens highlighted by Ray Kryssing's inks are clean, allowing the reader to enjoy the story and the artwork without being overwhelmed by either. A good read for any fan of the Justice League.

C.W. Blaine

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One-shot; Prestige format; Mark Antaeus joins JLAJohn ArcudiScot Eaton, Ray Kryssing