BLO1   (DC, 1993)

™ and © 1993 DC Comics

A race of aliens has arrived on Earth with a fairly clear mission: they want to suck out our spinal fluid, which will, you know, um, kill us. But the news isn’t all bad, mind you. About one out of every 100 people who have been attacked by the aliens have inexplicably gained super-powers; folks such as Loose Cannon, Sparx, Hitman, Argus, and Gunfire—some of the alleged “New Blood” injected into the DC Universe by the “Bloodlines” event in the 1993 annuals.

This two-part follow-up to the “Bloodlines” annuals finds pretty much every DC hero taking a final stand against the spinal-fluid-sucking aliens in a by-the-numbers company-wide crossover from writer Dan Raspler and a number of artists.

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25 copies available from $1.04
Most DC Heroes appearDan RasplerBill Willingham, Chuck Wojtkiewicz


24 copies available from $1.50
 Dan RasplerSal Velluto, Val Semeiks