(Atlas, 1975)
™ and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Alias the sister of Satan, our “behootered” nominal heroine struggled to overcome her evil heritage while wearing a variety of skimpy, fetishistic outfits. A patent Vampirella rip-off, she was backed up in this black-and-white magazine-sized comic by horror stories which, the ads boasted, “focused on fabulous females!” i.e. had a bit of badly drawn gratuitous nudity. Pathetic. ~HS

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Magazine; B&WRic Estrada, Gabriel Levy, Michael Cahlin, John Albano, Martin PaskoRic Estrada, Pablo Marcos, Leopoldo Durañona, Ralph Reese, Jack Sparling, Leo Summers


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Magazine; B&WRic Estrada, John Albano, SusoRic Estrada, Frank Thorne, Jack Sparling, Suso, Leo Summers