Western Gothic

 WESV   (Antimatter, 2005)

™ and © 2005 Mike Hoffman and Barry Buchanan

From the Publisher:

The desert will play tricks on you. And try as you might there’s no escaping it. Its canopy is an unblinking sun that weighs merciless on the mind. Its floor is searing sand that bedevils your eyes with rippling phantom horizons all the while, a fierce breathe tugs at your lungs causing your head to go faint. And its ceaseless cry pieces through ear and bone alike.

Building a town won’t help. Perfectly laid out streets will not lead you away from it. Pristine gaslights only distort shadows into flickering, dancing mockeries. Walls serve not as barricades, only as corners for it to hide around.

The people of Utopia tried… but there’s just no escaping it!

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