Cyberpunk Graphic Novel

Cyberpunk is ™ Chris Todd. © Scott Rockwell and Darryl Barkes

Cyberpunk is a fascinating combination of teen alienation and futuristic technology. The concept, popularized by Gibson’s Neuromancer, is of a vast network linking almost all forms of electronics and information. To access it, you “jack in,” linking your own mind directly with the electronic matrix. Then, you enter another realm of virtual realities, floating through an informational cyberspace in a program come to life.

Topo is a cyberpunk, addicted to the thrills of the matrix, despite the very real dangers to his physical body. In the cyberpunk graphic novel, he discovers something very strange going on in the net—protected by security that he can’t help but try to overcome. What he has stumbled onto will soon pose a danger to the person closest to him, and will cause him to risk his very life in the boundless world of cyberspace.

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 Scott RockwellDarryl Banks, Ken Steacy