The Birthday Boy (Vol. 2)

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A boy who wished to celebrate a birthday everyday is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences of his vanity by racing through time to put things right. His eternal birthdays mean others are not born, which means the world could possibly end many times. In one issue, a woman who played a critical role in the invention of ice cream, a substance crucial to human biological operation, was never born, leading to accelerated aging of all mankind. If the boy doesnít fill her shoes, he and the rest of humanity will wither away before hitting puberty.

This black and white work is a little thin on page count, but itís expertly rendered with clear art, interesting layouts and a story that clips along before the idea starts to wear.

Cartoonist Jason Lethcoe works as an animator and was a contributor to the Brainbomb anthology. Birthday Boy is from his imprint, Beetlebomb Books.

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