Black Coat

    (Ben Lichius, 2005)
™ and © Ben Lichius

It was in 1775 and war was on the horizon in the American colonies. The center of British activities was in New York City. Tensions ran high. In support of the Continental Congress, a group known only as The Knights of Liberty and their leader, the masked spy known only as The Black Coat worked in secret to combat injustices by the British. Lieutenant General Henry Savidge, newly appointed commander of local military forces, had no clues on how to stop these Colonial rebels. In desperation, he turned to an ancient secret society which could stop the rebellion in it’s tracks… and perhaps all life in the colonies as well.

Francesco Francavilla’s black and white art is detailed and riveting, worthy of Ben Lichius and Adam Cogan’s complex story of revolutionary swashbuckling and high adventure.

— Ron Black

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Ashcan #1

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 Ben Lichius, Adam CoganFrancesco Francavilla, Jeremy Colwell