The Lab

    (Astonish, 2005)
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Computer generated imagery pops up with style in Scott Sava’s The Lab! Although published a little on the irregular side (issue 1 came out in 2001, #2 in 2003), Sava’s storytelling and skills get better with each issue.

Livingston has worked fifteen years for Burns and Itchez Product Testing Labs as chief armpit sniffer. Yet in all that time, he’s never had a vacation and realized his goal of getting a tan. But with five weeks of time saved up, he needs to train a temporary replacement which the company finds in the accounting department in the form of Esteban, who’s thick accent and slow uptake are more than made up for the fact that he is hyper-sensitive to test materials. What would take years to show up in regular research, Esteban has reactions to in mere minutes. And so, this unlikely duo makes their way through a training program guaranteed to bring laughs or at least a smile to most readers.

— Ron Black

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