Horror House

    (AC, 1994)
™ Americomics, © AC Comics

A rare treasure trove of reprints, Horror House presents the early work of such ground-breaking craftsmen as Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Jack Kamen, all alums of EC comics. Here, you can see some of their pre-EC work, in stories that range from the chilling—a monster painting comes to life and avenges itself on the people who mocked it—to the weirdly absurd (as in the tale of the two children who drown, but come back to life after their spirits lead rescuers to their long-submerged bodies). For great 1950s, pre-code horror on a budget, you can’t do better than these gems, culled from such storied books as Witches Tales and Eerie (the 1950s Avon title, not the black-and-white mag from Warren).

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 Bob Powell, Jack Kamen, Wally WoodBob Powell, Jack Kamen, Marcus, Wally Wood