Liíl Rip Haywire Adventures

    (Amp, 2016)
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Ray Haywire thinks heís got it made. Instead of going to bed early, doing fractions, and eating Brussel sprouts, he gets to accompany his soldier-of-fortune dad on laughably dangerous international missions. Heís the only 12-year-old in the world with a working knowledge of the Seven Most Common Booby Traps Used by Ancient Civilizations. It sure beats school, right? But Ripís life is about to change when his dad, in a sudden fit of responsibility, assigns Rip his toughest mission yet: a historically all-girls summer camp. Will Rip learn how to get along with his feminine camp mates, most of whom have never seen a flame thrower, let along used one to fend off a pack of rabid hyenas? Can Rip solve the mysteries that surround the camp and one intriguing girl in particular?

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#1 Hardcover

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