Avengers By John Byrne Omnibus

    (Marvel, 2016)
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(from the publisher)

Earthís Mightiest Heroes by one of comicsí biggest names! John Byrne transforms the West Coast Avengers as the dismantling of the Vision sets the androidís bewitching wife, Wanda Maximoff, down a path that is far darker than scarlet! On the East Coast, Byrne steers the Avengers through attack by the Lava Men and into the Negative Zone in search of the Eternals! Then along comes a spider as a friendly neighborhood wall-crawler joins the Assemblers on a journey to the stars! But what is Immortusís ultimate plan? From the Evolutionary War to Acts of Vengeance and more, itís an eventful volume filled with epic tales written and/or drawn by Byrne!

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#1 Hardcover

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Collects West Coast Avengers #42-46, Avengers West Coast #47-62 and Annual #4, The Avengers #305-318 and Annual #18, Avengers Spotlight #23 and What The-?! #6