Human Remains

    (Black Eye, 1994)
ô and ©1994 Darren Raye and Sean Scoffield

Human Remains is the sum total of one manís vision. Itís the man you may have bumped into on the subway, the man you drank with in a bar. Itís a stroll with the man to see what he sees and thinks and decides. Itís his journey.

In this study from one manís point of view, writer Darren Raye splashes the pages with stream-of-consciousness idea bits. There is no plot, just a man going about the regular routine of his life; socializing, commuting on the subway, thinking. The reader is left to find meaning in the seeds of ideas Raye throws out at the rate of several per page. Artist Sean Scoffield enhances the work as much as possible with his thin-line black and white artwork, the best thing about this one-shot comic. Ultimately, this highly personal work gives up its secrets to the author and few others.

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 Darren RayeSean Scoffield