Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic UniverseóMarvelís Iron Man 3/Marvelís Thor: The Dark World

 GTTW   (Marvel, 2016)

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The MCU Guidebooks launch into Phase 2 of the Cinematic Universe, and Avengers mainstays Iron Man and Thor lead the charge as our comprehensive coverage of the fan-favorite Marvel Studios films and Marvel Television shows continues!

Featuring fact sheets, movie-to-comic comparisons and production stills, this issue is packed with profiles and updates on heroes including Iron Man, Thor, Iron Patriot, Sif, Odin and the Warriors Three; stalwart allies including Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis; and deadly foes including the Mandarin, Aldrich Killian, A.I.M., Loki and Malekith! Plus: Extremis! The Aether! President Ellis! Frigga! Bor! Heimdall! The Collector! And more!

Relive the big-screen thrills of Marvelís Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World right here, and continue building your indispensable library of Cinematic Universe reference books!

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 Mike OíSullivan, Anthony Cotilletta, Patrick Duke, MikeFichera, Daron Jenson, Rob London, Chri McCarver, Mark Raymond, Kevin WasserMark Bright, John Buscema, Mike Deodato, Don Drake, Rodney Fuentebella, Adi Granov, Jackson Guice, Paul Gulacy, Kevin Hopgood, Jack Kirby, Salvador Larroca, Ron Lim, David Marquez, Ryan Meinerding, Liam Sharp, Gus Vasquez