JLA/Haven: Arrival

 JLHA   (DC, 2002)

and DC Comics, Inc.

Haven is a vast city ship, home to millions of ordinary beings and their own peculiar brand of super-heroes (and super-villains). It has been floating through interstellar space for practically forever. Until one day, it collides with a little place called Earth. Specifically, Lamont, California. As this ponderous juggernaut tears a great gash across the westernmost part of the United States, President Lex Luthor mobilizes the armed forces. Hes not at all sure whether this is yet another alien invasion, or a city full of people in distress. Either way, the first people to respond to the crisis at hand are the Justice League. Working together with the super-heroes from Haven, the JLA must stop Haven from destroying yet another American city, and begin to face the wrath of the haven-based threat known only as Anathema. The story continues in Haven: The Broken City.

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 Ashley-Jane Nicolaus, Matthew P. SchusterAriel Olivetti