Blade (2nd Series)

    (Marvel, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Marvel Characters, Inc.

This one-shot, entitled “Crescent City Blues” preceded the Blade live-action movie of 1998 starring Wesley Snipes, and in many ways set the ground work for the movie.

Blade’s mother had been bitten by a vampire just as he was about to be born. His mother died as a result of the bite, but it gave the newborn Blade all the powers—and none of the weaknesses—of a vampire. It also gave him an incredible loathing of the “leeches” as he refers to vampires, and he has dedicated his life to slaying them. In this special issue, Blade learns that Deacon Frost, the very vampire who killed his mother, has been organizing vampires to take on the Mafia in New Orleans. Joining forces with Brother Voodoo and former Nightstalkers member Hannibal King, he proceeds to take on Deacon Frost in a battle to the death.

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