Fashion in Action

 FAIA   (Eclipse, 1986)

™ and ©1986 John K. Snyder

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Spinning off from backups in early issues of Scout, Fashion in Action’s 1986 appearance was subtitled a summer special, and the 1987 version was a winter special. John K. Snyder’s strip is more typical of European adventure strips than American, concerning a team of women acting as celebrity protection agents. The second is better than the first, focusing on team leader Frances Knight, as she recalls an episode of US “special forces” having been involved in an African state in the past, while having to deal with another plan of arch-enemy Dr Cruel in the present. There are some nice original touches in both—Dr Cruel’s sympathetic henchman in the winter special for one—but overall the characterisation of the leads isn’t good enough to engage reader sympathy. ~WJ

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Book #1 Hardcover

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Restored Art; Collects Backups from Scout #1-8, Fashion in Action Summer Special #1, and Fashio in Action Winter Special #1; Published by Bedside Press; Foreward by John Ostrander; Introduction by John K Snyder III; Essays by Martha Thomases and Trina Robbins; KickstarterJohn K. Snyder III, John Ostrander, Martha Thomases, Trina Robbins, Chris FauverJohn K. Snyder III

Summer Special #1

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Summer Special; Gatefold summaryJohn K. Snyder, Scott HamptonJohn K. Snyder, Scott Hampton

Winter Special #1

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Winter Special; AnniversaryJohn K. SnyderJohn K. Snyder