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Three masters of horror—Steve Niles, Rob Zombie, and Richard Corben—take on the cryptozoological legend of Bigfoot and make it seem frighteningly real.

When William Fuller was ten years old, his family took a camping trip to the woods of Blackwood Mountain National Park. The weekend of idyllic fun ended when he saw a Bigfoot brutally murder his father and take his mother into the wilderness. Twenty years later, he still has nightmares about what he has seen. The only way he can make these nightmares stop is return to those same woods and face the beast as a man. But will he survive the confrontation?

— William Gatevackes

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 Steve Niles, Rob Zombie, Dan TaylorRichard Corben


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 Steve Niles, Rob ZombieRichard Corben


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 Steve Niles, Rob ZombieRichard Corben


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 Steve Niles, Rob ZombieRichard Corben

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