The Question (2nd Series)

 QUE2   (DC, 2005)

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The mysterious Question journeys to Metropolis from Chicago to investigate a criminal cadre called the Subterraneans, an organization that operates beneath even the celebrated Superman’s radar. Think the City of Tomorrow is all polished glass and gleaming spires? On the surface, sure, but there is a dark underbelly that can only be explored by Vic Sage, the Question, the Human Enigma who listens to the heartbeat of the city and strives to find the answers to the most difficult questions of all. Writer Rick Veitch (Swamp Thing) and artist Tommy Lee Edwards (The Batman Chronicles) offer up an interesting spin on a classic Silver Age hero and usher him into the world of the Man of Steel.

— Thomas Moudry

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 Rick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards


6 copies available from $3.93
1st appearance Subterraneans; 1st appearance Minos; Versus SubterraneansRick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards


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 Rick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards


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 Rick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards


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 Rick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards


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Versus Minos & SubterraneansRick VeitchTommy Lee Edwards