The Iron Corporal (Charlton)

 IRCC   (Charlton, 1985-1986)

™ and ©1985 Charlton Publications, Inc.

War is Hell, and surviving it isn’t much easier. In this series set during World War II, the “Iron Corporal”—so called because his rib cage is made of iron—learns these two lessons repeatedly, and painfully, as his comrades are cut down all around him. There’s a hint of the supernatural here, as in one issue where the traumatized corporal sees his fellow soldiers being collected by a scythe-wielding Death itself. There’s also plenty of grim tales in which soldiers are daring heroes or doomed victims, but all too often they end up dead at the hands of the Japanese enemy.

Originally published in the 1950s and 1960s, these tales were resurrected by Charlton Comics in the ‘80s. There is still an unfortunate amount of relevance in these full-color short stories (several each issue) of pain and despair.

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Reprints from Army War Heroes #22, Submarine Attack #12; Continues From Army War HeroesWill FranzSam Glanzman


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Reprints from Army War Heroes #25, Attack #54Will FranzSam Glanzman


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Reprints from Fightin’ Navy #82Will FranzCharles Nicholas, Sam Glanzman