Cosmic Powers

 COSP   (Marvel, 1994)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

This six-issue mini-series concentrates on Marvel’s cosmic heroes and villains. It begins by focusing on Thanos, a villain who has laid waste to entire worlds, battled foes without number, and, in the Infinity Gauntlet saga, even grasped omnipotence. All of this was part of a vain attempt to gain the love of Death, whom he worships.

Having failed to win the love of Death, however, Thanos sought out another challenge. His new desire is to battle a worthy foe—someone who might even kill him. Alas, even the Ovin Mercenary Armies, reputed to be the most lethal in the universe, proved disappointingly easy for Thanos to slaughter. But later conquests pointed him toward the foe he had long sought: a being called Tyrant. Tyrant was a being of cosmic power, so mighty that only Galactus himself had been able to halt him in the past. Thanos means to do battle with Tyrant, comforted in knowing that the result will be either sweet victory, or sweet oblivion.

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ThanosRon MarzRon Lim


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TerraxRon MarzJeffrey Moore


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Jack of Hearts & GanymedeRon MarzAndy Smith


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