Hellraiser: Collected Best (Clive Barker’s…)

 HCBB   (Checker, 2002-2004)

™ and ©2004 Clive Barker

Pinhead and Co. return, and this time not in yet another straight-to-video horror film. This collection of illustrated horror stories first appeared in print between 1989 and 1994, published by Marvel’s Epic imprint.

There are such flashes of near–genius as “The Canons of Pain” by Erik Saltzgaber and John Bolton. “Songs of Metal and Flesh” has truly spooky art by Dave Dorman and Lurene Haines. J.M. Lofficier spins a taut story of the macabre in “The Blood of a Poet.”

However, a pre–Matrix Larry Wachowski wrote “Razing Hell,” one of the weaker points in the anthology. Comprising three parts and nearly 50 pages, it’s simply too long. The story’s art by Mark Pacella looks carefully detailed at points but rushed in others, as do the letters.

Fans of horror-story maestro Clive Barker will enjoy these 10 stories as addenda to the Hellraiser mythos, but, for those without a particular yen for Barker’s universe or tales (or at least the gory and macabre—which tend to go together in horror writing), this collection’s best left alone.

— Ray Sidman

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232 pages; Published by Checker; Forward by Mark ThompsonClive Barker, Neil GaimanAlex Ross


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196 pagesClive Barker, Larry Wachowski, Erik Saltzgaber, John Bolton, R.J.M. LofficierDave Dorman, Lurene Haines, Mark Pacella


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 Clive Barker, Larry WachowskiBernie Wrightson