Cyberforce Universe Sourcebook

 CYUS   (Image, 1994-1995)

ô and © Image Comics, Inc.

All right, Cyberforce fans! This series is a must-have for every detail-oriented enthusiast out there. The sourcebook is jammed with information about Cyberforce, with bios on not only the team members, but some of their allies and their various super-powered opponents as well. Thereís even data on the teamís equipment, headquarters, and training facilities.

Canít remember Mindgameís real name? Missed the issue that revealed Thornís tragic origin? Who weighs more: Wildfyre or Tempest? Donít worry, the answers to these gripping questions and more can be found right here in the pages of the Cyberforce Universe Sourcebook. Donít wait! Get your copy now!

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 David Wohl, Eric Silvestri, Eliot BrownJoe Benitez, Pat Duke, Brian Haberlin, Jonathan D. Smith, Tyson Wemgler, David Finch, Billy Tan, Dwayne Turner, Eliot Brown, Jae Lee, Walt Simonson, Ben Fernandez, J. Scott Campbell, Scott Clark, Troy Hubbs, Greg Capullo, Drew


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 Brian Selzer, David WohlAaron Sowd, Billy Tan, Brian Haberlin, Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner