Doctor Faustus

™ and ©1993 Michael O’Connell

Doctor Faustus is not directly related to the classic work of literature, although it is a frightening tale involving deviltry and lost souls. The comic stars Joanne Faust, an English teacher who had been riding out on the edge for some time. She slipped into the abyss one night when she decided to go out drinking rather than pull the trigger of the gun she had placed in her mouth.

After many drinks, Joanne began eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table, where two men were arguing over the existence of the Devil. The older man had argued that the Devil was only too real, and to prove it, said he would pay the younger man $50 to sign a contract giving his soul to the Devil. After all, if there really were no Devil, the younger man was just picking up a quick $50. The younger man took the challenge and signed the contract in blood. But when Joanne left the bar, she discovered that the younger man had been a fool…

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Ashcan #1

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