Free Speeches

    (Oni, 1998)
™ and ©1998 The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Created by comic book industry notables and Oni press, proceeds from Free Speeches help support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. There are pieces of artwork by scads of great artists and a great forward by Denis Kitchen (detailing the creation of the CBLDF.) The bulk of the book is a group of enlightening essays concerning free speech and the comic book industry (including a copy of the famous “Comics Code Authority” guidelines). The essays (speeches) are by Nadine Strossen of the ACLU, Dave Sim (Cerebus), Neil Gaiman (A Distant Soil, Miracleman), and Frank Miller (Ronin, Sin City). In addition, throughout the book, the margins are filled with quotes from famous people, all on the subject of free speech.

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10 copies available from $1.25
Collects Nadine Strossen, Dave Sims, Neil Gaiman, and Frank Miller speeches; Fundraiser for Comic Book Legal Defense FundDave Sim, Denis Kitchen, Frank Miller, Nadine Strossen, Neil GaimanWill Eisner, Mike Allred, Roberta Gregory, Bob Fingerman, Jeff Smith, Peter Bagge, Dave Cooper, Troy Nixey, Evan Dorkin, Donna Barr, Bill Sienkiewicz, Judd Winick, Shannon Wheeler, Renée French, Mike Mignola, Matt Wagner, Sergio Aragonés, Matt Madden, Scott Saavedra, Bill Tucci, Paul Guinan, Linda Medley, Jessica Abel, Jaime Hernandez, Arthur Adams, Steven Hughes, Jim Mahfood, Kevin McCarthy