Fang (Sirius)

 FANS   (Sirius, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Kevin J. Taylor

Imagine Mad Max with vampires and you’re partway there in describing Kevin J. Taylor’s Fang.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where vampiric criminals hold the world in fear. Francesca, the leather-clad lead character in the series, was traveling with her mother when their camper was ambushed by motorcycle-driving highwaymen. The camper crashed over a cliff, and Francesca barely survived. When she awoke, however, her mother was missing.

Now Francesca roams the world in search of her missing mother. Her search places her in constant danger, and she must face down both common highwaymen and the dread vampire-creatures known as “Fang.” Ultimately, her search will take her to Silo City, where she will come face-to-face with their leader—and suffer the shock of her life.

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