Blood & Roses Convention Sketch Book

    (Afterburn, 2005)
™ and © respective artists

The time–traveling duo of Christina Blood and Tamara Rose are celebrated in this original art–sized convention sketchbook that’s as beautiful as it is unwieldy. Black and white sketches from artists like Joe Martin, Andy Kuhn (Firebreather), Brad Gorby, and Bob Hickey (the creator) himself adorn the over–sized interiors, but the real treat for enthusiasts is Hickey’s page–by–page reflections on the art at the end of the sketchbook. Hickey touches on everything from how artists got involved on the project to sly commentary on the intended compositions. Many pieces are, as the title describes, unfinished sketches, but a few polished and inked gems are amongst the offerings as well; and the detail afforded by the size of this giant folio is well worth the look.

— C.B. Pewter

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Original art size; B&W; ca. 2005Bob HickeyJoe Martin, Brad Gorby, Bob Hickey, Leanne Buckley, Andrew Dimitt, Joe Corroney, Mark Hester