Killer Instinct

    (Armada, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Nintendo of America

T.J. Combo is the reigning champion of the Killer Instinct tournament, a worldwide-televised battle-to-the-death boxing match against nonhuman opponents. However his success can likely be attributed to the banned bionic enhancements that the Ultratech Corporation supplies to him. The Chairman of Ultratech, (known simply as Chairman and who conducts board meetings with a Darth Vader management style), stands to become the most powerful man on Earth from profits generated by the sale of the Fulgore X150, a robotic soldier. Not coincidentally, T.J. Combo’s next opponent is the Fulgore X150 and the Chairman has decided to withhold T.J.’s bionic enhancements.

Aside from T.J. being set up to make the robotic soldier look good, the personal technician in charge of administrating the bionics appears to have her own agenda as well as the security officer, who unbeknownst to the others, sees all and plans accordingly.

Bart Sears, (Violator), provided the art for this intriguing combination of science fiction and sport.

— George Haberberger

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