Femme Macabre

 FEMM   (London Night, 1993)

Femme Macabre and Sweet and Evil ©1993 Everette Hartsoe. Other stories ©1993 their respective authors

Femme Macabre is a sampler of various odds and ends from London Night, issued to celebrate their first year in the comic business.

It starts with a picture gallery from the (apparently heavy metal) band Sweet ’n’ Evil, whose female lead plays with snakes and covers her chest with tape in the same style as Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics. She also is the model of Killjoy, Everett Hartsoe’s very bad girl who appears later in comic form as a brutal, dismembering hooker.

From there on, it’s all downhill: “Librium: For Pity’s Sake” shows a monster abusing a woman in a way which can not be described here; and “Purgatory” is a Razor-like tale whose main attraction is leather-clad and bare-chested women stabbing each other. Definitely not for children.

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AdultDebra Armstrong, Everette Hartsoe, Adriane JarelEverette Hartsoe, Kerwin Johnson, Jeff Levine


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 Neal St. Crosse, Brad MooreGeorges Jeanty, Brad Moore