Vic Torry

    (Avalon, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Avalon Comics Group

While exploring the vast jungles of South America, adventurer Ross Lanning discovers a hidden cavern full of bizarre alien creatures in suspended animation. Strangely compelled to revive them, Lanning helplessly watches them fly away in their saucers, fearing he’s unwittingly endangered the entire world. It takes him weeks to return to civilization, and during that time the aliens have been active across the globe…although they have done harm to no one.

When he finally encounters these beings again, Lanning learns their mission is a noble one. After hearing their tragic history, Lanning willingly joins their cause to save Humanity from the threat of its own atomic weapons.

This one-shot, featuring work by Bob Powell and Wally Wood, first appeared under the same title in 1950, and was also reprinted once before in 1987’s Mr. Monster’s Super-Duper Special #5. Oddly, there are no characters named Vic Torry.

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 Wally Wood, Nicola CutiWally Wood, Tom Sutton