Love Sucks

    (Ace, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Kevin Hynes and Jay Juch

Created by Kevin Hayes and Jay Juch, and published by Ace Comics, Love Sucks centers its self-contained, black and white stories around Nelson, Adrian, and Wendy, three single friends and their relationship woes in New York City.

Each character represents a facet of American dating. Nelson is sensitive and dependent, just coming out of a serious relationship and feeling he will never embrace that love again. Adrian is the self-proclaimed ladies’ man, cocky and brash—he has no trouble meeting the women—it’s the part after that scares him to death. The beautiful Wendy can’t get a break: every guy who looks like a dream ends up a nightmare.

Funny anecdotes and witty narratives, like how Nelson earned the name “Submarine Boy” in a drunken bar scene, or how Adrian was beaten up by his lover’s girlfriend, adds to the realism.

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