(Millennium, 1994-1995)
and 1994 Faye Perozich, O.J. Cariello, Steve Pugh

In this urban vampire tale, Childe Benington is a brooding creature fond of internal monologue desperate for a life of normalcy. But his need to feed is growing greater, and instead of taking it to the anonymity of the streets, he feeds on his artist wife, who sadly had no idea of his true nature. Then he broods about killing her and how hell hate himself forever. Afterwards, he yells at an ethereal woman in white who always shows up to claim the souls of those he loves and kills.

Meanwhile, an FBI agent hot on his trail goes to a gypsy psychic, tells her hes with the FBI and that hes hunting a vampire, and orders her to read the Tarot cards to give him insight into the case. Which she does.

The series is written by Faye Perozich with art by O.J. Cariello.

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AdultFaye PerozichOctavio Cariello

#1 Variation A

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Limited Signed EdtitionFaye PerozichOctavio Cariello


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 Faye PerozichMichel Lacombe, Yanick Paquette


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 Neil Gaiman