Beck & Caul Investigations

 BECI   (Gauntlet, 1994-1995)

©1994 Reginald Chaney and Paul Kowalski

Mercedes Guillane was born on the Louisiana Bayou to a Frenchman and his Jamaican-born wife. When she was born, her face was covered in a layer of placental membrane which covered her like a mask. Those who believe in magic, called this a “caul”—and believed that those born with one would grow to possess special powers.

Today she’s a private investigator and head of Caul Security. In addition to her strengths as an tracker and marksman, she has the uncanny ability to let her mind reach out and “find” things. This ability had served her well in the past, and when she began looking into the strange case of a girl found desiccated in a Boston apartment, her powers made her aware of an incredible evil from another realm…

Then she met Jonas Beck, who knows that realm all too well…

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Origin of Caul (Mercedes Guillane)Reginald ChaneyPaul J. Kowalski


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 Reginald ChaneyPaul J. Kowalski


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 Reginald ChaneyPaul J. Kowalski


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 Paul J. Kowalski, Reginald ChaneyPaul J. Kowalski


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 Paul J. Kowalski, Reginald ChaneyPaul J. Kowalski

Annual #1

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Special #1Reginald Chaney, Paul J. KowalskiPaul J. Kowalski