(Adventure, 1988)
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The future world of 1999 is a horrific nightmare. Lee Iacocca is president, the United States is in the midst of a Depression, and cities such as New York are overrun with crime and poverty. Not to mention that an evil demon and his minions, prowling the ruined streets of NetherWorlds, plan to make our reality into the apocalyptic hell that is theirs. And the one man who may be able to stop it is a burnt-out construction worker who drinks away his evenings and doesn’t know what to make of the mysterious old guy across the hall who warns him to “watch his back”—up until he himself is attacked by the aforementioned demons.

Despite the dated future—1999 wasn’t really all that bad—this 1988 title is compelling and spooky. Published by Adventure Publications, written by Mark Ellis, and drawn by Gabriel Morrissette.

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