Lady Vampré

 LADV   (Blackout, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Blackout Comics, Inc.

Angelique Vampré is being stalked by an undead killer named Jean St. Michael. He has already killed two of her friends, Kathy Grant and Charlie Cable. Now he’s determined to make Angelique one of the immortal undead as well. The choice he offers her is simple: death or immortality.

However, there is a secret buried so deep in Angelique’s mind that even she doesn’t remember it. The killer St. Michael was turned into a vampire by a doctor. Angelique met a priest by the same name. Perhaps they were both victims, in their own way, of the undead Lord Baraclaw.

Angelique and St. Michael must join forces, tracking Baraclaw to a medical research symposium on flesh-eating bacteria. But Lady Vampré may not be ready for the horror she must face, as she remembers her past and confronts dread Lord Baraclaw himself!

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