Hellboy, The Corpse and The Iron Shoes

 HCAS   (Dark Horse, 1996)

™ and ©1996 Michael Mignola

Paranormal investigator Hellboy comes to the aid of an Irish couple whose baby has been snatched away by the wee folk. When found out, the changeling says he’ll return the baby—if Hellboy can bury a certain corpse in one of three places before sunrise. As you might expect, the task is impossible for any mortal to complete—but then Hellboy, himself forged by supernatural forces, is no ordinary man.

Writer Mike Mignola masterfully blends a Hellboy adventure with classic Irish folklore in this one-shot.

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Collects the story serialized in the distributor catalog Advance Comics #75-82; ca. 1996Mike MignolaMike Mignola