Peace Party

 PEAP   (Blue Corn, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Blue Corn Comics

The dubious ethics of big business. The lethal methods of gangland killers. And just possibly, the approaching end of the world, due to the people’s drifting far from traditional ways. At the center of it all a pair of Hopi men try to help their friend, their people, and their relationship with the land—all while not being killed by aforementioned gangland killers.

Among the heavier themes explored in this title are racism and the importance of bonds between men and between humanity and the earth. And it’s not just on the comics pages—various editorials and special text pages touch on issues of multiculturalism, too, with a goal of not just entertainment, but also education. This is done in black and white and published by Blue Corn Comics.

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ca. 1999Rob SchmidtRob Schmidt, Ron Fattoruso