OGRE   (Black Diamond, 1994)

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Mark McGuire was a college student with an undeclared major. Then he met Doctor Blackwell, a biology professor at the university with a shadowy past who worked for the government at a secret lab on a barren hilltop. There, Blackwell injected McGuire with a special formula of his own devising. This formula contained genetically engineered cells that changed McGuire into the monster called Ogre.

Ogre was meant to be the latest addition to Blackwell’s collection of genetically altered slaves. But Mark managed to overcome the component of the formula that was meant to sap his willpower. He rebelled and escaped—but now he must somehow stop the mad doctor and his army of thugs before they do to others what they did to him.

This is the first title from independent Black Diamond Publishing.

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1st Appearance of Barnacle Bill; 1st Appearance of Felony; 1st Appearance of OgrePhil WhitePete Ayala Jr.


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 Phil WhitePete Ayala Jr.

#2 Variation A

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Ashcan edition; Black cover with text Gang War.; B&W; ca. 1993Phil WhitePete Ayala Jr.


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 Phil WhitePete Ayala Jr., Minoh Kim, Steve Kurth


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