Planet Comics (Blackthorne)

    (Blackthorne, 1988)
™ and © 1988 Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

How would you recall your introduction to comic books? Perhaps your best friend passed an issue during a sleep-inducing English lecture. It might have been a classically drawn woman like the Gypsy dancer named Flamingo that stoked an adolescent’s fire. Some may have been fortunate enough for a family member such as a grandfather to exclaim, ‘Treasures, my boy! Exotic worlds, action, adventure and danger are in this box!’ Those words alone can stimulate one’s desire and imagination for a lifetime. Blackthorne Publishing resurrected the original Planet Comics title albeit with a few modern twists and turns. Stories about ordinary people thrust into extra-ordinary situations. As much as this is a legacy title it’s also about finding another generation of readers that will remember those words: exotic worlds, action, adventure and danger. That’s the real legacy.

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 Bruce JonesAdrian Moro, Ken Hooper, Rico Rival


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 Bruce JonesAdrian Moro, Ken Hooper, Rico Rival


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